DancerVax Privacy Policy

Last Update: December 26, 2022

In uploading your vaccination record to DancerVax, you are entrusting us with an important piece of your health history. We are dedicated to preserving your privacy to the greatest extent possible.

Information Sharing

Your full vaccination or exemption information (including any images you upload) will only be shared with the following entities:

  • DancerVax and its site administrator(s)
  • A limited board of certifiers, selected from the leadership of participating dance organizations.
  • Participating dance organizations (in the form of an eligibility determination under the conditions selected by the organization).

In regular usage, participating dance organizations will not have access to the entirety of your vaccination record or exemption information. Instead, they will only receive a response with one of the following status codes corresponding to your eligibility to participate: "Approved", "Additional Check Required", "Awaiting Review", "Not Yet Eligible", "No Longer Eligible", "Unknown", or "Unauthorized". The code reported will depend on factors such as whether your record has been reviewed, the number and recency of your vaccination doses, the time period elapsed since your last dose of vaccine, and whether your authorization to use DancerVax has been revoked due to a violation of the Terms of Service. In the event that you have reported a medical or religious exemption to vaccination, the code reported will also depend on whether the participating organization has elected to consider individuals with these exemptions as eligible for participation.

All DancerVax records are accessed by participating dance organizations primarily through an exact lookup on your name and email address, or through a lookup identifier string that is provided to you in the form of a QR code for use at check-in. Therefore, the name and email address that you associate with your account should be the name and email address that you intend to share with participating dance organizations. In regular usage, we will not disclose to participating organizations any other name or email address provided to us. For example, alternative legal names, prior names, or other dead names will not be disclosed. If we have a question related to a difference in name between your vaccination record and the name on your account, we encourage you to include a note with your vaccination record, and we will email you with any remaining questions or concerns.

Except as may be required by law, your information will never be shared with any third party except as enumerated above. All participating organizations are also required to agree to Terms and Conditions in which they certify that they will not share any information that they collect from DancerVax with any party other than DancerVax or their own staff, except as required by law or in the event that it is determined that you have provided false or misleading information, the procedure for which is outlined below. Any organization that is found to be misusing participant records may be prohibited from further use of DancerVax.

Request Logs

DancerVax keeps a "look-up log" of all requests to verify your vaccination status or other eligibility by participating organizations. The information includes the date and time of the request, the name of the organization making the request, the IP address from which the request was made, and the information that was shared. A log of these requests to see your vaccination information may be made available by emailing

In regular usage, this "look-up log" is only available to the DancerVax site administrators, and is not shared with any third party. However, in the event that a vaccination record is determined to be erroneous, the log will be used to compile a list of participating organizations who have looked up your record, which will be shared with the board of certifiers (see below). And, in the event that DancerVax is informed of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, the log may be used to inform participating organizations who looked up your record within 14 days of diagnosis that an attendee has been diagnosed with COVID-19. In the event of a positive-diagnosis disclosure, your identity will not be released; you are also encouraged to contact the organizations whose events you attend directly.

In the Event of Questions About Your Vaccination Record

In the event that the validity of your vaccination documents or vaccination status is called into question for any reason, your participant records will first be examined by the board of certifiers. You will be notified by email of this examination and may be asked to explain any sources of concern or discrepancies. You will also be permitted to correct inadvertent omissions or errors with your record. Unless we determine that there was a deliberate attempt to mislead or impersonate, you will also be given the opportunity to remove your account from DancerVax before any further action is taken. However, if this examination does not affirm the validity of your record, and if the record cannot be corrected to the satisfaction of the board of certifiers, then we may make additional disclosures of information to participating organizations identifying you by name and summarizing the concerns about the validity of your record.

Participating organizations have agreed as part of their Terms and Conditions that they will not disclose any information obtained from DancerVax except to their own staff and as required by law. However, this protection specifically excludes any information that is provided by DancerVax to suggest that a record is false or erroneous. This exclusion may allow participating organizations to notify other dance events in the community of concerns regarding the validity of a vaccination record, and these disclosures may result in a loss of privacy and may impact your ability to attend events held by organizations regardless of whether they use DancerVax. As described in the preceding paragraph, you will have the opportunity to respond to the board of certifiers before any such unprotected disclosures are made.

Data Deletion Policy

Requests to have your data removed from DancerVax can be accommodated by emailing Upon request, we will remove all vaccination records, all records of any lookup or review of your vaccination record, and we will also delete your user account.

If you would like to prevent participating organization from looking up your status in the future, but wish to retain records of any prior lookups and reviews, then we are also able to independently disable the lookup of your information without deleting your account. This can also be accomplished by emailing us.

We request that all requests for data deletion please be sent from the email address associated with your account.